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Foundation Repair Grants Pass, OR

In the event that the foundation of your home shifts, you face the prospect of a very long restoration job that will likely cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Preventative foundation repair in Grants Pass, OR from TerraFirma Foundation Systems allows you to ensure the most valuable investment of your life remains in good condition.

Foundation Repair Company TerraFirma Foundation SystemsOregon receives more rainfall each year than nearly any other region of the country.  When this rainfall gets below your basement, it can cause shifting and cracking in your foundation. Grants Pass crack repair is a hugely complicated process, requiring lifting your house up in a process called mudjacking.  At that point, foundation wall repair or foundation replacement requires putting in an entirely new piece of concrete to be able to bear the load of a home.

Basement Waterproofing in Grants Pass OR

By far the best way to ensure you don’t need to lift your home up on its edges is by using extensive basement waterproofing.  The basement of a home drips water directly down into the foundation, so efforts to waterproof result in no accumulation of water.  A Grants Pass waterproofing company like TerraFirma has wet basement solutions for your problems, such as drying up a basement wet from a leaking pipe or sealing it off in order to prevent water from trickling below the floor.  Wall crack repair allows you to avoid any water that seeps directly out into the soil around a basement.

Grants Pass Crawl Space Encapsulation

The area between the bottom of a floor and the soil below is called the crawl space and is a major target for waterproofing.  Crawl space encapsulation in Grants Pass, OR keeps the water from rotting and molding the planks that keep a house aloft.  Work can be done on the crawl space door, on the crawl space ventilation, and the crawl space vent to eliminate moisture.  A complete Oregon crawl space repair prevents water from draining into the foundation.


If you are concerned about your foundation, call TerraFirma Foundation Systems about a free estimate for foundation repair or basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation in Grants Pass Oregon.

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